New 1979 Mack Truck Hood Model RM 4874 Part # 82QM5126 No Email Call 860 666-2966
Hardly used - EXTREMELY clean baby bassinet, comes with 3 sheets for mattress. Basket underneath and hood attached that moves up or down. Also has the ability to rock back and forth.
180 gallon saltwater aquarium, approx 225 lbs of assorted Live rock, 150 lbs of live sand, Loaded wit softies, LPS and a few SPS, gorgeous Acans, mushrooms, Kenya Tree, Large Brain, severan Leathers, Xlarge snowflake eel, very passive and beautiful, A mater pair of clowns that lay eggs approx every 2 weeks, blue green chromis, Sialfin Tang, @ Stunning deep waer Bellus Angels,Crocea Clam, snails...
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